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Links from April 16, 2013

These are my links from April 16, 2013 15 Web Sites for Finding Deals Online-Kiplinger – Finding bargains on the Webbargains kiplinger shopping online

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Agglomeration: Engelbart Demo, Sustainable Living, Online Beat Box, Finding the right product

An end-of-January agglomeration: The Mother of all Demos – Doug Engelbart (1968) – YouTube – demo englebart engle Doug Engelbart Tribute Video – YouTube – englebart ~ Solutions for Sustainable Living – Sustainable living products and blog howto organic gardening shopping environment sustainability green beatlab – make music together – From the Scout Report […]

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Online Deals & A Place to Bury Strangers links for 2009-02-28 – The best coupons, lowest prices, and hottest deals. (tags: shopping comparison deals cheap coupons discount) Deals, Coupons, Online Shopping Deals & Special Offers! (tags: shopping comparison bargains deals daily coupons) A Place to Bury Strangers Live Music Highlights – March, 2009 :: The Skinny An early tip for April is Brooklyn’s A […]

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Human Rights Compaign – Buying for Equality

The Human Rights Campaign made their 2008 version of Buying for Equality. Download your own copy and use it. We can and do make a differnece by  how we live our lives and spend our money. The URL for getting a copy is You can download the guide in PDF, request a print copy,  or […]

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