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PHP & JSON, Style guides, Internet laws links for 2009-10-29

PHP: json_encode – Manual (tags: development json php) The Ultimate Resource Guide List for MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE “Here you will find resource pages for each different style, university tutorials, and free work cited generators. By viewing examples of research papers and using programs that are designed to facilitate your style accuracy, you can […]

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Multimedia on the Web, Future of the Internet, and Image Search Engineslinks for 2008-12-17

Digital Librarian: Audio, Video, Multimedia Multimedia Search Engines and Subject Directories (for audio and video): You can use Google or Yahoo to search for terms such as webcast, netcast, audio archive, audiocast, coursecast, cybercast, podcast, Internet broadcast, lecture series, archived audio, archived video, archived lectures, web media, multimedia, audio, audio archive, video archive, on demand, […]

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How Facebook Works & A Pace to Bury Stangers

BURNLAB Lab Report: More Places to Bury Strangers Brainwashed liked them so much that they put out APTBS’s debut LP on their own Killer Pimp Records this past fall. (tags: aptbs) Technology Review: How Facebook Works The social network’s technology manages a vast and rapidly expanding web of connections for its millions of users. (tags: […]

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Oral History of the Internet & A Place to Bury Strangers links for 2008-06-10

Oral History of the Internet How the Web Was Won: Entertainment & Culture: An Oral History of the Internet (tags: culture web internet history) A Place to Bury Strangers A Place to Bury Strangers Oliver Tee T-shirt from A Place to Bury Strangers Oliver Tee T-shirt (tags: aptbs) CBC Radio 3 – Breaking […]

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