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Cobrowsing, media Literacy, Montoring your web server links for 2009-09-14

Reading some of my feeds at bloglines I came across these interesting links. Co-Browsing Tools: Guide To The Best Online Services (tags: cobrowsing library2.0 brainstorming collaboration tools)Tools for several people to simultaneously browse a Web site Media Literacy: Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media by George Siemens – Sep 05 09 (tags: media literacy) […]

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Evaluation, Information Architecture, Cholesterol, Internet History & A Place to Bury Strangers links for 2008-08-23

How To Evaluate A Web Site Trustworthiness and Credibility – Robin Good’s Latest News Wondering how to evaluate a newly found website for trustworthiness and credibility? Is there a pragmatic and reliable way to do it? (tags: trustworthiness evaluation web) WebSite Content Organizaton And Planning: How To Apply Basic Information Architecture Principles To Your Blog […]

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