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Agglomeration of links for 2010-07-23; Virginia Ecards, Mental Health, Tenure

Moving Virginia Backward | Bob McDonnell & Ken Cuccinelli funny eCards for Virginians (tags: ecards virginia) Friends for Mental Health helps families cope with mental illness. Membership friends group advantages, cost (tags: friends mentalhealth) Become a Friend definition of Loudon County Friends of Mental Health (tags: friends mentalhealth loudon) What if College Tenure Dies? – Room for […]

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Rosalyn Carter on Daily Show discussing mental healthhealth

Rosalyn Carter was on the Daily Show last night discussing mental health issues and her most recent book Within Our Reach: Ending the Mental Health Crisis. John Stewart did a great job interviewing her and giving her the opportunity to discuss issues important to her. View the video. Daily Show interview of Rosalyn Carter

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