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Punchfork. Listings of recipes by images, and recipes gathered from a variety of blogs and other social media sources. This seems very nice. The visual aspect is especially appealing to me. Searching seems to work well too. Punchfork | The best new recipes from top food sites visual discplay of recipes form a variety of […]

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Social Media’s Dark Side & Image Citation – From Chronicle of Higher Education

Two interesting links form the Chronicle of Higher Education in mid-March 2011. The one on image citation looks especially interesting.   Beware Social Media’s Surprising Dark Side, Scholars Warn CEO’s – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education “Jonathan Zittrain, co-founder of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, was out to cause “anxiety […]

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Facebook, Social Media for NonProfits

Social media marketing for small non-profits – by John Haydon (tags: communications non-profits social-media socialmedia socialnetworking marketing) Get the most out of Facebook for nonprofits and charities John knows Facebook and he knows nonprofits. In this post, he shares some apps for using Facebook even more effectively! (tags: facebook nonprofit non-profit) Getting Started with Social […]

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Civility, social media & Teaching

Chief Targets of Student Incivility Are Female and Young Professors – Faculty – The Chronicle of Higher Education “When it comes to being rude, disrespectful, or abusive to their professors, students appear most likely to take aim at women, the young, and the inexperienced, a new study has found.” (tags: education faculty incivility) Sociable Professors […]

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Vanishing Privacy (NYT) & Net Aids Dictatorships (TED)

The first of these is an article that appeared in the New York Times on March 17, 2010. The article discusses how we expose our identities and characteristics on social networking sites, how that information can be aggregated and interpreted, and reiterates the maxim that essentially nothing is private on the Internet. The second is […]

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Effective use of social media by non-profits

Using social media for fund raising  by non-profits. Five Social Media Fundraising Trends for 2009 – Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media To Achieve Mission nonprofits using social media (tags: nonprofits using social media) The Red Cross Created A Social Culture With Listening: Now, A Policy and Operational Handbook To Scale – Beth’s […]

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Ted Talks – Magic, Math, Social Media inks for 2009-08-29

Arthur Benjamin does “Mathemagic” | Video on In a lively show, mathemagician Arthur Benjamin races a team of calculators to figure out 3-digit squares, solves another massive mental equation and guesses a few birthdays. How does he do it? He’ll tell you. (tags: math ted education mathematics video magic videos) Lennart Green does close-up […]

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Omeka, Social Media, Visual Communications links for 2008-06-22

Omeka Omeka is a web platform for publishing collections and exhibitions online. Designed for cultural institutions, enthusiasts, and educators, Omeka is easy to install and modify and facilitates community-building around collections and exhibits. (tags: opensource software web2.0 cms tools database archive) MediaPost Publications – OMG! UM Finds Web 2.0 Breeding Consumers 2.0, Social Media Attains […]

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