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View du jour: April 24, 2014

These flowers are one of the first to bloom in the early spring. they were given to us by Elaine & Ron Milito several years ago. They are pretty and continue to thrive and spread in our backyard at home in Falmouth, Virginia.

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View du jour: January 29, 2014

Close to 15 years ago our son Oliver asked if we minded if he and his friend Jamie Drake would dig in our back yard to make a mold in the earth for a statue made of concrete. Of course we didn’t mind. The piece is about 3 feet long. Over the years it had […]

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View du Jour: April 24, 2013

We have some early azalea bushes in the front and side of our house. The flowers are spectacular with simple petals. They bloom early but the blooms don not last all that long disappearing with the heat. They serve to be a sure proof of Spring.

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View du Jour: August 11, 2014

Taking a morning walk around our neighborhood I noticed these flowers. Common roadside flowers around here, especially when the county or state highway crews don’t cut the grass. I interpreted the morning glory as a present to those up before the heat of the day.

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View du Jour: September 17, 2014

When I came home last night after the MHAF board and boosters picnic the beautiful moon flowers at our front door that have done so well this year grabbed my attention. The front light was on and I thought that a rear view of a blooming flower would be very nice. I took that and I […]

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View du Jour: August 12, 2014

The weather this summer has been exceptional. Relatively cool temperatures and regular rain. The moonflower plant I put in near our house has responded with an extra luxurious growth and lots of blooms. I took this picture one evening. There were several blooms and I wanted to capture them. The low light conditions gives this […]

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View du Jour: August 13, 2014

These are the cardinal flowers we have planted near our creek. We purchased then from the Virginia Native Plant Society at a sale they held about two years ago in Fredericksburg. I was happy to see they are surviving through more than one season.

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