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Internet Research Tips & Internet Turorials

Blooming Cherry Trees A couple of links surfaced recently. They are about doing research and tutorials for using the Internet.They are worth keeping track of.

  • “Searching the web seems like an easy prospect. Take, for example, the person searching who wants to learn how to convert PDF files to doc files. It seems easy for this person to find the right information, but they may actually first have to go through lots of pages and sites that aren’t helpful at all before they arrive at real information that is useful. Instead, they should follow some of the basic tips and guidelines listed below:”
  • Using the Internet is a complicated things for older adults and younger children alike. Navigating the Internet and finding the right pages is a fairly complicated process, especially when the user only has dialup access. Internet tutorials make the process a lot easier because they teach users exactly what they need when working online, especially in regards to researching a topic or idea.
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