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Links from July 22, 2014

These are my links from July 22, 2014 GUITAR PRINCIPLES | Jamie Andreas | Creator of the Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar – guitar lessons tutorials learning guide principles andreas

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An agglomeration of vim links

VIm/vi Tutorial Yet another tutorial (tags: vim howto tutorial) Vi Lovers Home Page lots of vi resoruces (tags: programming reference tools vim) Corby’s vi Bible – A short introduction to vi by Corby Anderson – MWC class of 1987, computer science major & friend. editor vim vi Vim – Notes “”A Byte of Vim” is […]

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Make and Makefile tutorials

A Simple Makefile Tutorial yet another tutorial about make that could be useful as a lab exercise. (tags: tutorial programming howto development make) Make – a tutorial A sophisticated, complex make tutorial. (tags: tutorial programming reference tools make) The Makefile and Compilation Tutorial A lab that can be used for learning about make (tags: tutorial […]

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Touch typing tutorials

I’ve never really learned how to touch type, and I feel limited because of it.  So I thought I’d try a few lessons.  Both of the sites below seem helpful. online free touch typing program | keyboarding tutor | Free Typing Games typing instructions and practice (tags: tutorial online lessons touchtyping typing) Free typing tutor […]

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Links for 2010-01-02: Video Tutorials, Protovis for representing data, Open Street Map

VideoTutorialZone | Home- “here you will find a collection of free video tutorials with no strings attached. All high quality instructional videos for the upper crust of the tech world. You will never see a video here called ‘How to Use EBay’, but you might find ‘How to write an automated last-minute bidding script […]

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A few video Drupal tutorials

Here’s a list of a few Drupal tutorials I found useful. Because they are video, you get step-by-step instructions. Learn By The Drop Archives | Learn By The Drop (tags: drupal video tutorials) YouTube – SiteGround Drupal Users Tutorial (tags: druopal tutorial users) YouTube – Bending Zen – An intro to using the Zen Theme […]

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Internet Research Tips & Internet Turorials

A couple of links surfaced recently. They are about doing research and tutorials for using the Internet.They are worth keeping track of. Internet Research Tips – How To Use The Web To Research A Topic “Searching the web seems like an easy prospect. Take, for example, the person searching who wants to learn how to […]

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Free Online Courses, Tutorials, iPod Utilities

How to Get Free College Education Online | Information is now readily available and exchangeable faster than ever before, mostly due to the Internet. This instant sharing of knowledge has changed people’s lives, and whatever it is you want to learn about is just a mouse click away. Online schools are profiting from this […]

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