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Links from July 24, 2013

These are my links from July 24, 2013 Welcome to Minor9! – large collection of BIAB filesmusic biab

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Links from May 25, 2012

These are my links from May 25, 2012 A Place to Bury Strangers: ‘You Are The One’ (NSFW) (Video) | Prefix – "It's appropriately scary for the grinding, heavy song. "video you are the one a place to bury strangers aptbs A Place To Bury Strangers – “You Are The One” » CHARTattack | Indie […]

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The National Jukebox

The Library of Congress announced its online offerings of American music titled “The National Jukebox.”A nice interface into the audio collections at Library of Congress. National Jukebox The National Jukebox (tags: web2.0 reference online free libraryofcongress) The Library of Congress Adds a Jukebox – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education announcement and […]

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Guitar Chords

A few sites that are useful to look up guitar chords, Guitar Chord A – A major at CHORD-C Good chord diagrams (tags: guitar learning chords) Guitar Lessons Instructor|Dallas, Texas|Victor Gann Professional Musician ♫ chord charts and chord finder (tags: guitar tool) There Will Never Be Another You | Jazz Guitar Comping chords and sheet […]

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Searching for Media: Hyperlinks from Chapter 9, Searching and Researching, Fifth Edition

Searching for Media The collection of hyperlinks in Chapter 9 of Searching and Researching on the Internet and the World Wide Web 5th Edition Podcasts NPR: Business Story of the Day Podcast (tags: podcast chapter9snr5) Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver. (tags: juice podcast podcasting web2.0 podcatcher chapter9snr5) PodcatcherMatrix – Choose your favorite podcatcher (tags: podcasting […]

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Library of Congress Webcasts and American Folklife Center; Free Internet Music Resources

Online Collections and Presentation (The American Folklife Center, Library of Congress) The American Folklife Center provides online access to selected portions of our collections. We create our own online presentations on various topics and the American Memory project provides additional online access to selected collections. Online content may include audio samples of music and stories, […]

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