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An agglomeration of links Physics, Occupy, George Dyson

These are my links from February 20, 2012 Physicists Foretell Quantum Computer With Single-Atom Transistor | Wired Enterprise | – quantum computer quantum transistor – A collection of tools for activists worldwide – nice collection of tools activists open source tools occupy Q&A;: Hacker Historian George Dyson Sits Down With Wired’s Kevin Kelly […]

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Open Source links for 2010-03-03

Video: Robots that make things! (And how sharing is the best way to run a business and your life.) | “A few folks from Red Hat’s video team had the opportunity last summer to attend the first Open Video Conference in New York. We met some inspiring, open minded, and highly motived people and […]

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Connexion and Moodle, two sites mentioned by John Boyle

James Boyle spoke at the Faculty Academy today. During his talk he mentioned both of these sites, The first is a place to share teaching modules. The second is an open-source course management system. He urged teachers and administrators to be more open, sharing of their work that can be used for instruction. Connexions – […]

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