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Links from June 11, 2012

These are my links from June 11, 2012 Kevin Kelly tells technology’s epic story | Video on – 'In this wide-ranging, thought-provoking talk from TEDxAmsterdam, Kevin Kelly muses on what technology means in our lives — from its impact at the personal level to its place in the cosmos.'kevin kelly ted philosophy tools evolution […]

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Robots and Warfare, NY Times Article

When I teach Introduction to Computer Science, CPSC 110, at UMW I often include some TED videos about robots. One of the videos, Rodney Brooks says robots will invade our lives,   deals with design of robots and shows off some capabilities of robots used in warfare. This article is a natural follow-up to that video, even […]

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Open Source links for 2010-03-03

Video: Robots that make things! (And how sharing is the best way to run a business and your life.) | “A few folks from Red Hat’s video team had the opportunity last summer to attend the first Open Video Conference in New York. We met some inspiring, open minded, and highly motived people and […]

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TED Talks Robots

We are talking about robots in my Intro to CS class, so I found a few TED talks on the subject. We look at one or two each class period hoping ot get some discussion going. It does occasionally happen. Hod Lipson builds “self-aware” robots | Video on (tags: ted robot 6:05) Rodney Brooks […]

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