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Yet more ukulele links Seems like a complete site for ukulele (tags: tutorial video reference tutorials blog ukulele) How to play George Formby style banjo uke | Video « Wonder How To one of several instructional  videos (tags: ukulele instruction) Other ukulele links at a post for July 19 My delicious stack titled “Ukulele Links” is where these […]

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Agglomeration on or near 2011-08-09

Bagg’s Tree Buskers Nice collection  of pieces for Band In A Box (tags: biab band-in-a-box music bandinabox) | Gett sharing “The best way to publish and share your files” (tags: web internet web2.0 online tools filesharing) The next two are from  Scout Report DuckDuckGo “You may have played “duck duck goose” growing up, but […]

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A link for inexpensive glasses & You Tube of Lynn’s fiddle class at Augusta

Zenni Optical – Eyeglasses, Prescription Glasses, Bifocal, Progressive Eyeglasses, Rimless Glasses recommended in Kool Tools (tags: online glasses inexpensive) ‪Cajun fiddle from scratch Augusta 2011‬‏ – YouTube “Beginning Cajun fiddlers after 5 days of playing at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV. Taught by Michelle. Kaminsky” (tags: augusta fiddle cajun)

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Two good sources for songs & images

Two links here. One for lyrics and tabs for the Ukulele. The other a listing of places to find images. Richard G’s Uke Songs “Here are lyrics and chords for a few songs” (tags: howto music reference) 5 Sources for Free and Legal Images | The Blog Herald ” while using your own images is always […]

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The National Jukebox

The Library of Congress announced its online offerings of American music titled “The National Jukebox.”A nice interface into the audio collections at Library of Congress. National Jukebox The National Jukebox (tags: web2.0 reference online free libraryofcongress) The Library of Congress Adds a Jukebox – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education announcement and […]

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Guitar Chords

A few sites that are useful to look up guitar chords, Guitar Chord A – A major at CHORD-C Good chord diagrams (tags: guitar learning chords) Guitar Lessons Instructor|Dallas, Texas|Victor Gann Professional Musician ♫ chord charts and chord finder (tags: guitar tool) There Will Never Be Another You | Jazz Guitar Comping chords and sheet […]

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New releases at Folk Alley

A 5-hour stream of new music. Folk Alley | New Folk Music Releases “Just like clockwork, a pile of new CDs appear in the Folk Alley mailbox each week. Fresh Cuts takes the best of recently released music from singer/songwriters, bluegrass and Americana artists, world musicians and more and brings them together for a 5 […]

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Basic Guitar Chords & Lazy Bones

YouTube – Basic guitar chords tablature with demonstrations (tags: chords video) Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael – Lazybones | Wikifonia lazybones sheet music (tags: lazybones sheetmusic)

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