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October 25, long drive to Natchez in the rain

We had a long drive to Natchez from Clarksdale. Some of it was our own fault because we decided to go to Cleveland, Indianola, Leland, and Greenvillealong the way. A restaurant in Cleveland had been recommended by a chef we talked with in Oxford. We had an early lunch at the Delta Meat Market in Cleveland. Excellent food. The restaurant was in a strip of businesses, a gentrified part of town. We stopped into Abraham’s clothing store. THe help was great but we really didn’t want to buy anything.We eventually started talking with the owner, Dannyy Abraham. He had a baby grand piano in the shop and asked if we wanted to hear some blues. Who wouldn’t? He played and sang for us Hewas very gregarious and we enjoyed talking with him. He told us the real Crossroads, where RobertJohnsonmadea pact with the Deveilwas at the intersection ofroutes8 and 1 in Rosedale, MS>  We deceidedtogoforit, about15 miles out of our way.  him

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