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Mrs. WheelBarrow’s Blog

I had borrowed Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry: Recipes and Techniques for Year-Round Preserving from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library, but it is a very popular book right now and so it had to be returned. I have requested it again and I’m number three on the waiting list. BUT, I thought, perhaps there is a blog associated […]

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Links from November 21, 2012

These are my links from November 21, 2012 AdjustYourPrivacy – Quickly adjust your social media privacy settings. – Recommended by LifeHacker "Please take a minute to adjust the privacy settings on all of your major accounts by using the icons below."tips private_secure web accounts socialmedia settings privacy Recipe: MANTI (Ravioli of Turkey) | Do You […]

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Cooking dictionaries & terms

Here are two dictionaries dealing  with cooking terms. I’ve found them both useful when I come across a new term in a recipe, or a descriptive term that I want to get right. Cooking Dictionary, Glossary and Terms directory. collection of glossaries (tags: cooking definitions food glossary glossaries) A: Page 1: Cooking Terms: Glossary […]

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CyberTwin, Cool uses for a USB flash drive, the perfect boiled egg, and a recipe for braised butternut squash!

Getting ready for classes often brings some fun surprises. MyCyberTwin is one of them. It’s a site where you can set up an AI that will converse with a visitor. It also includes ways to train the AI so it has standard responses for certain types of statements or situations. MyCyberTwin – Chat to ernest […]

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