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Copyright Rebellion from The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher education ran a special report about copyright and the ways in which faculty and academic institutions are reacting to it. Here are a couple of links form that. The Copyright Rebellion – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education “In a special report, The Chronicle looks at university faculty and staff […]

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Privacy and Copyright links

Privacy Law Is Outrun by Speed of Web’s Progress – “Many Internet companies and consumer advocates say the main law governing communication privacy — enacted in 1986, before cellphone and e-mail use was widespread, and before social networking was even conceived — is outdated, affording more protection to letters in a file cabinet than […]

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EFF Teaching Copyright resources

Welcome | Teaching Copyright “EFF’s Teaching Copyright curriculum was created to help teachers present the laws surrounding digital rights in a balanced way.” (tags: education copyright teaching learning fair_use fair-use instruction medialiteracy)

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Copyright and multimedia on the Web

So if you have come across some media on the Web that you like what can you legally do with it? The term legally is important here, because for any item on the Web (a network) we know we can make an exact copy it and save it on our computer or a memory card/stick […]

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Guides to Copyright for Faculty and Students

These links can help faculty and students to understand some of the issues related to copyright and fair use. Both is these are very nicely done. The first covers copyright and fair-use issues in a straightforward,  factual manner. It is easy to understand. The second  one has the added benefit of presenting an interactive question/answer […]

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Creative Commons links for 2009-01-08

Prosecuting Online File Sharing Turns a Generation Criminal – US News and World Report We’re about a decade into our own hopeless war of prohibition, this one against “peer-to-peer piracy.” The copyright industry has used every legal means within its reach (and some that may not be so legal) to stop Internet “pirates” from “sharing” […]

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