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Web Scraping with Python

I came across this article about writing software for Web scraping using python Easy Web Scraping with Python – – “A little over a year ago I wrote an article on web scraping using Node.js. Today I’m revisiting the topic, but this time I’m going to use Python, so that the techniques offered by […]

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Guitar Links with an emphasis on Django standards

A collection of links to guitar sites including those that list chords sheets to standards :: Letras y acordes para guitarra y piano – Spanish site. Chords and lyrics spanish chords lyrics chord charts musica guitarra Playback et accords pour guitare jazz manouche – A French site with chord charts and videos for the […]

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Make and Makefile tutorials

A Simple Makefile Tutorial yet another tutorial about make that could be useful as a lab exercise. (tags: tutorial programming howto development make) Make – a tutorial A sophisticated, complex make tutorial. (tags: tutorial programming reference tools make) The Makefile and Compilation Tutorial A lab that can be used for learning about make (tags: tutorial […]

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Guides to Copyright for Faculty and Students

These links can help faculty and students to understand some of the issues related to copyright and fair use. Both is these are very nicely done. The first covers copyright and fair-use issues in a straightforward,  factual manner. It is easy to understand. The second  one has the added benefit of presenting an interactive question/answer […]

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Searching links for 2008-06-13

Internet Navigator Home Internet tutorial (tags: internet tutorial introduction) Tilburg University – Searching the World Wide Web: a basic tutorial Searching the World Wide Web: a basic tutorial (tags: tutorials tutorial internet libraries) 25 Useful Social Networking Tools for Librarians – College As a librarian, you want to be able to share information with […]

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