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AI, Gaming, and Adopting New Technologies links for 2011-02-07

What Is Artificial Intelligence? – “I.B.M.’s groundbreaking question-answering system, running on roughly 2,500 parallel processor cores, each able to perform up to 33 billion operations a second, is playing a pair of “Jeopardy!” matches against the show’s top two living players, to be aired on Feb. 14, 15 and 16. “ (tags: ai ibm […]

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Agglomeration of Food Links – Early February 2011

Each of these links comes from the New York Times. We start with one of those nutritious, delicious recipes from Marian Burross. Mark Bitman announced that he was stopping his Minimalist column for the NY Times. The upside of that was a list of his 25 favorite columns with hyperlinks to each. He also published […]

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An Agglomeration: How to Study & Wikipedia Turns 10!

Putting this together as two links I gathered on January 18, 2011, it seems that these have little to do with each other. The first si a link to a site that I occasionally point out to my students. it has some good advice, good arguments, and the occasional cartoon to make the case for […]

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Computer jargon; Vanishing computers

Handy dandy computer jargon decoder | Geekgirl’s Plain English Computing “Can’t tell your hardware from your software? This plain English computer glossary introduces all the terms you need to get started with computers and the Internet.” (tags: glossary jargon) Technology – Computers as Invisible as the Air – “THE personal computer is vanishing. Computers […]

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Links from Chapter 5 of Searching and Researching, Researcher’s Toolkit

Karen does a great job in this chapter building “The Researcher’s Toolkit.” Here are some of the links from Chapter 5. To view the latest version of these use NOAA’s National Weather Service This U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration site provides up-to-date weather forecasts for all 50 states. You can search the area […]

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Agglomeration of links for 2010-07-23; Virginia Ecards, Mental Health, Tenure

Moving Virginia Backward | Bob McDonnell & Ken Cuccinelli funny eCards for Virginians (tags: ecards virginia) Friends for Mental Health helps families cope with mental illness. Membership friends group advantages, cost (tags: friends mentalhealth) Become a Friend definition of Loudon County Friends of Mental Health (tags: friends mentalhealth loudon) What if College Tenure Dies? – Room for […]

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Online dating, Internet researchers, Ethnic dining in DC; yet another collection of links; 2010-06-02

Online dating assistants help the lonely and busy (tags: online socialnetworking) Association of Internet Researchers The Association of Internet Researchers is the top international association for students and scholars in any discipline in the field of of Internet studies. Membership connects you with our vibrant community, gives you access to our archive of past conference […]

An agglomeration of links for 2010-01-31

Visited bloglines and some blogs today and I came up with a few interesting links. The first is a link to the way Eun-Ha’s video Now and Then is referenced in a course dealing with Flash animation. The second is to a search feature at Harper’s Index, and the third is to the 2010 Edge […]

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Articles of Interest from Peter Squire

Peter Squire, a friend, occasionally sends me and a host of others a list of articles that he finds interesting. The list always contains some sites that I’d like to read further, come back to, and recommend to others. The list comes by email and I think it ought to be blogged. So without asking […]