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Mathematical Induction – again

Teaching the course titled Theoretical Foundations of Computing always presents the problem of (re)introducing studentens to the application and use of the Principle of Mathematical Induction. This link is to one discussion that I think will be helpful to my students. Section 1.6 Proof by Induction “The Principle of Mathematical Induction is a method of […]

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An agglomeration of vim links

VIm/vi Tutorial Yet another tutorial (tags: vim howto tutorial) Vi Lovers Home Page lots of vi resoruces (tags: programming reference tools vim) Corby’s vi Bible – A short introduction to vi by Corby Anderson – MWC class of 1987, computer science major & friend. editor vim vi Vim – Notes “”A Byte of Vim” is […]

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Make and Makefile tutorials

A Simple Makefile Tutorial yet another tutorial about make that could be useful as a lab exercise. (tags: tutorial programming howto development make) Make – a tutorial A sophisticated, complex make tutorial. (tags: tutorial programming reference tools make) The Makefile and Compilation Tutorial A lab that can be used for learning about make (tags: tutorial […]

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Copyright Rebellion from The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher education ran a special report about copyright and the ways in which faculty and academic institutions are reacting to it. Here are a couple of links form that. The Copyright Rebellion – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education “In a special report, The Chronicle looks at university faculty and staff […]

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An Agglomeration of links about the Internet

A few links about the Internet that I used with my CPSC 104 class. YouTube – History of the Internet A popular video about Internet history (tags: internet web video history) YouTube – World Wide Web in Plain English Yet another good ‘In Plain English’ video (tags: internet video online www lesson commoncraft) Howstuffworks “Fact […]

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Icon search engine, analyzing logs, forming groups

Icon Search Engine | Iconfinder Icon search engine (tags: icon icons searchengine) Getting to Know DHAnswers (and Your Visitors) with Google Analytics – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education An alternative to analyzing the local logs on your web server web is to integrate a hosted web analytics solution. (tags: websites analysis computers_and_internet) The […]

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Using Google Docs for Grading

Using Google Documents for Grading – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education “Enter Google Documents, one of our favorite cloud-based tools. I’ve been using it for some time now as a way for students to submit their work. But it wasn’t until I read Andrew Cullison’s “Grade Student Papers Using Google Forms” that I […]

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Going from Java to C++

I’ll be teaching CPSC 230, Computer Science II, in the Fall. We use C++ in that course and students have had a one-semester course, Computer Science I, using Java. Here are soem links about going form Java to C++. Moving from Java to C++ moving from java to c++ (tags: c++ java tutorial programming) Book of C++ going from […]

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An Agglomeration of links for 2011-03-11

Links to ways to spend your money while traveling, a couple of links to the announcement of the 2011 Turing award, and a related link to a site about NP completeness Is There a Right Way to Spend Money When Traveling? – Practical Traveler – Repeatedly confounded by these questions, my wife, Joan, and […]

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Checking Plagiarism

Different Types of Plagiarism | WriteCheck Various resources for writers about plagiarism (tags: writing plagiarism)

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