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Bibliography of Research in Social Network Sites

Research on Social Network Sites “This page provides a bibliography of articles concerning social network sites. For an overview of this space, including a definition of “social network sites,” a history of SNSs, and a literature review, see boyd & Ellison’s 2007 introduction to the JCMC Special Issue on Social Network Sites, Social Network Sites: […]

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Open CourseWare Search

Here is a tool to use to search for open courseware. Find OpenCourseWare with OCW Search “OCW Search is a search engine dedicated to helping you find the best free university courses online. Several universities publish their course materials for free online, under the OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative. OCW Search is an independent search engine that […]


Social Networking and About the Web Changing Us

A few tags for my discussion in the Internet class I’ve been teaching this summer, CPSC 105 The Internet: Technology, Issues, & Information. NCFY : : Publications : :The Exchange Building Communities through Online Social Networking Somethings  for us to consider – Video websites pop up, invite postings Article from 2005 discussing the beginnings […]

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Searching for Media: Hyperlinks from Chapter 9, Searching and Researching, Fifth Edition

Searching for Media The collection of hyperlinks in Chapter 9 of Searching and Researching on the Internet and the World Wide Web 5th Edition Podcasts NPR: Business Story of the Day Podcast (tags: podcast chapter9snr5) Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver. (tags: juice podcast podcasting web2.0 podcatcher chapter9snr5) PodcatcherMatrix – Choose your favorite podcatcher (tags: podcasting […]

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Second Life Links

Class today was about Virtual Worlds. Here are some of the links i saved for the hands on activities and explanation. It is put together in Thing 7: Virtual Worlds YouTube – The Viewer’s built-in help – Second Life Viewer 2 Tutorial Philip Rosedale on Second Life | Video on YouTube – Introduction to […]

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Facebook and Privacy

Facebook updated its privacy settings making lots more public than the public thought would be public! Here are some links addressing that. Updated: Facebook Further Reduces Your Control Over Personal Information | Electronic Frontier Foundation “Once upon a time, Facebook could be used simply to share your interests and information with a select small community […]

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Developing Your Brand on the Web

One or more services have been developed recently so that you can see how your ‘brand’ or your presence on the Web: how many times you are mentioned, what information is associated with your name, and similar items. A few links related to all this follows. Reputation Professor Personal Branding Blog (tags: personal branding cpsc104) […]

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15 Things and 23 Things

Here is a list of IPL’s 15 Things along with info on the List of 23 Things. I think I might use these as the basis for the Internet class I’m teaching this summer. IPL 15 Things – IPL Wiki In honor of the IPL’s birthday at March 17, 2010, the IPL launched the IPL […]

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PowerPoint Search and All My Faves

Each of these search tools deal with specialized collections. The first gives you a way to find PowerPoint slides on the Web. As usual, you enter a search expression and SlideFinder does a full-text search of its specialized collection of PowerPoint presentations. The second is a broader collection, but it is a collection of links […]

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Vanishing Privacy (NYT) & Net Aids Dictatorships (TED)

The first of these is an article that appeared in the New York Times on March 17, 2010. The article discusses how we expose our identities and characteristics on social networking sites, how that information can be aggregated and interpreted, and reiterates the maxim that essentially nothing is private on the Internet. The second is […]

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