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About CPSC 448, Advanced Web Development

This the first semester we’re offering CPSC 448, Advanced Web Development, but the CS department has offered several Web development courses in the past few years. Our students have been getting some Web development experience in terms of using PHP and MySQL in some courses. We also offered CPSC 348, Web Development this summer. It […]

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New Media at UMW

Stuff for Starving Students A Smorgasborg of Stuff for Students Who Need Stuff digital advice and devices (tags: education free resource students) UMW New Media Center The mission for the UMW New Media Center will be to: develop the idea of “communities of practice” and establish those relationships at UMW foster the development of new […]

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Podcast links for July 2009

Been working on a chapter about podcasts, and came up with this collection of links. Podcast directory, podcast reviews and podcasting resource : is a podcast directory that helps you find podcasts, read and write podcast reviews, listen to podcasts and share your podcast with others. (tags: podcast Directory Podcasts podcasting audio search […]


Open Courseware & Death By Audio links for 2009-07-21

Wired Campus: David Wiley: Open Teaching Multiplies the Benefit but Not the Effort – ” Do we professors, who live rather privileged lives relative to the vast majority of the planet’s population, have a moral obligation to make our teaching efforts as broadly impactful as possible, reaching out to bless the lives of as […]

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Folksonomies, metada, and tagging

Here are a set of links to some authoritative voices on the topics of tags, folksonomies, and metadata in the order I read them. The simplicity of the Web and large amounts of data. As Shirky says – it’s about the links, not the categories. Folksonomies – Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata “This […]

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Image searching sites

Here are a couple of sites that seem useful when searching for images. Exalead Image Search Discover the most innovative image search engine in the world: almost 2 billion images with totally exclusive filtering features. (tags: photos iamge search searchengine) Pixsy | search millions of images and videos Search sites where others upload images (tags: […]

Open courseware, academic podcasts, iPod for learning

While doing some research for an upcoming book I took a look at some resources dealing with open courseware and multimedia sites that can be used for learning. I admit that I was impressed with the richness of the resources available. The ‘free U’ is available. This is so much better than educational TV I […]

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Links from Faculty Academy 2009-05-15

12 Companies Targeting Early Tech Adopters – ReadWriteWeb Our mission at ReadWriteWeb is to explore the latest Web technology products and trends. We’re fortunate to have a great group of sponsors who support this goal. So, once a week, we write a post about them; about who they are, what they do, and what they’ve […]

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Connexion and Moodle, two sites mentioned by John Boyle

James Boyle spoke at the Faculty Academy today. During his talk he mentioned both of these sites, The first is a place to share teaching modules. The second is an open-source course management system. He urged teachers and administrators to be more open, sharing of their work that can be used for instruction. Connexions – […]

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Creative Commons links for 2009-01-08

Prosecuting Online File Sharing Turns a Generation Criminal – US News and World Report We’re about a decade into our own hopeless war of prohibition, this one against “peer-to-peer piracy.” The copyright industry has used every legal means within its reach (and some that may not be so legal) to stop Internet “pirates” from “sharing” […]

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